Frequent Asked Questions for the free Private Investigator Training:

1 - I filled out the evaluation test but got no test result in my email. So what happened?
R.:  After submitting the test the system sends you an automatic email with the test result. Make sure you typed your email correctly on the form and don't forget to check your spam box! We also notify you manually  by email in 2 working days. If your email provider radically blocks our messages then contact us by WHATSAPP +55 22 981 359 070.

2 - Are these courses offered by 2CCIA-INTELLIGENCE Agency really free?
R: YES. Just read, print or download the free PDF booklet/handout and fill the evaluation test if you want to evaluate your knowledge, get a free PDF provisory CERTIFICATE or to purchase the optional IDs and badges. Our courses are destined to people who like to read and study in their spare times in a self learning system.

3 - What are the laws that regulate the courses and the professional activity?
R:  In many countries the activity of Private Investigation is a free (not regulated) profession but in some others there may be specific laws regulating the activity and a specific license might be necessary. Search for it in your country/state laws.

4 - Can anyone attend these free courses?
R: YES. Any gender, schooling and OLDER than 14 years old. It doesn't matter if you have criminal records or not, since this is a basic free course that can also be used to improve your knowledge and/or professional resume.

5 - In which areas can I work if I really decide to start in the activity of Private Investigation?
R:   We suggest you start as an auxiliary of experts Private Detectives, since this is a basic course. But if you feel confident to work by yourself,  you can investigate cases like:  marital infidelity, find missing people or debtors, insurance fraud investigation, infiltrated in shops or companies to investigate shoplifting, employee thefts or sabotage, find witness to lawyers, intelligence departments of banks, industries, and many other cases.

6 - What is the difference between Private Detective, Private Investigator and International Intelligence Agent?
R:  There is no difference since they are synonymous.

7 - Do I need to be submitted to the evaluation test?
R: NO. Only if you want the FREE BASIC CERTIFICATE or to purchase the optional items like credentials and badges.

8 - Does the Private Detective / Private Investigator / International Agent have any authority?
R: NO. The Private Investigator is a businessman or a self-employed and not a police officer. In some countries his help as a volunteer in criminal, counter terrorist or public interest cases is welcome.

9 - Do you issue a free certificate?
R:   YES,. If approved the system will generate a FREE basic PDF certificate just after submiting the test. You also can get the full credentials from only US$19.99   US$ 14.99  (PDF PACK with luxury certificate and 3 IDS) after being approved in the evaluation test. These credentials can be validated or have the authenticity checked on the website.

10 - And how can I get the optional CERTIFICATE, IDs and CREDENTIALS? and what are they used for?
R:  Purchase on page "PURCHASE IDS HERE" from only US$14.99. You will receive 3 high quality ID CARDS as a PRIVATE DETECTIVE, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, INTERNATIONAL INTELLIGENCE AGENT. They are good to identify your professional activity to your clients, to the police authorities when requested, to improve your social status or to your friends for fun.  Remember these credentials don't give you the right to enter for free in events, shows, stadiums, public transports, parking, etc. nor to work in criminal cases without express authorization of the legal authorities. 

11 - Will I receive the LEATHER WALLET with BADGE? and what is it used for?
R: YES, the exclusive leather wallet with the 2CIIA INTELLIGENCE is included in the respective packs. Use it to protect the IDs and to impress your clients and friends. You can purchase the complete packs from only US$79.99  with FREE STANDARD INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY worldwide.  

12 - How can my clients or legal authorities verify the authenticity of my certificate and IDs?
R: The authenticity of your credentials must be checked on where we will publish your basic profile with your photo. You will also receive the login and password to access your page so you can update your profile, change photo,  offer you services, etc.

13 - How can I pay for the optional pack of PDF or PRINTED ID CARDS + LEATHER WALLET?
R.: The best way to pay is by PayPal, but we also accept MONEYGRAN Transfer and International Bank Order/Transfer.

14 - Do you deliver the optional items worldwide?
R.: YES. All countries, but you need an address served by a local Post Mail to receive the package. We use ONLY regular mail services (no TNT, DHL or FEDEX). Express mail delivery can be dealt before purchasing.

15 - When do you deliver the optional printed credentials and leather wallet?
R: We use to post up to 10 working days from the date of payment confirmation and receipt of your photo (5 working days if you purchase the PDF PACKAGE).   The Post Mail average delivery time (in working days) are: South America: 15-20 days / North America and Europe: 25-30 days / Asia, Africa and Australia: 30-40 days. In most countries the course is free of customs taxes or fees since they are considered as documents sent in traditional A4 handwritten paperboard envelope in order to be discreet. Even if you have to pay it will be a too small amount, since this is a very cheap transaction. 

16 - Do I need to send a document photo for the ID cards?
R.: YES. send it AFTER PAYMENT to our EMAIL below or WHATSAPP +55 22 981 359 070.

17 - Where can I have more information about the free Private Investigation Training offered by 2CIIA Intelligence Agency?
R.: Contact us for more enquiries.

 Customer service from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 hs (GMT). You can also send us an email to the address above or send the information form bellow (type your email correctly).

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