About free Private Detective course online

Welcome to our  free private detective course we provide online / distance system course to everyone who wish to start in this amazing and lucrative activity, full of adventures and status. 

The 2CIIA Intelligence is based in South America - Brazil with representatives in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.  Since the year 2010 we offer the free online distance course to people who want to learn about Private Investigation for personal use or to start a new profession as a Private Detective / Private Investigator.

This free private detective course online is provided to anyone older than 14 y.o. who speak English and live in any country in  the world.

How the  free Private Detective Course Online works:

You may submit a very short enrollment (optional) or just download and read the basic manual  free private detective course handbook in PDF format and fill the evaluation test with 6 multiple choice questions.

If approved in the test (at least 3 correct answers) you will be able to purchase our optional PDF or PRINTED CREDENTIALS / DETECTIVE ID CARDS and a LUXURY CERTIFICATE. If not approved you need to study the guide a little more and try the test again as many times you need to have success.

We also sell some packs of OPTIONAL items like LUXURY PRINTED CERTIFICATE A4 SIZE, PVC ID CARDS as an INTERNATIONAL DETECTIVE / PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR / SPECIAL AGENT and an exclusive LEATHER WALLET with a BADGE in kits from only US$ 14.99 with free international shipping. You can pay via MoneyGram or Paypal.

Remember you need to check with the authorities in you country/region if there is a specific law or regulation about the activity of Private Investigation, the usage of a BADGE and the ID CARDS (even NON OFFICIAL like these we issue). 

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