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Attending our free detective courses you will be acquiring the basic knowledge of the modern techniques in private investigation, international intelligence and counter terrorism. You will be able to do your own investigations by yourself in cases like: marital infidelity, finding missing people or debtors, outdoor people surveillance, following persons on foot or by car, cars repossession to banks, continued shoplifting by employees, computer monitoring and much more.

If you intend to be a Private Detective in your country make sure it is a free activity. If it is a controlled or regulated profession check first the requirements to run the activity rightfully. 

Remember your don't have to pay anything to take the free detective courses . The PDF handbook is totally FREE, but if you want to get the DETECTIVE / INVESTIGATOR IDs, CREDENTIALS and LUXURY CERTIFICATE you need to pay from US$19.99   US$ 14.99  for the basic PDF package that includes: 1 A4 size luxury certificate + 3 ID cards. 

We also send WORLDWIDE the COMPLETE PACKS from only US$79.99 that include LEATHER WALLETS WITH OUR BADGE + PVC ID CARD  + free saving  international shipping worldwide. You can use these IDs and credentials for business, professional identification or only for fun. See the samples below and visit the page OPTIONAL IDS to purchase AFTER being approved in the evaluation test.


Get the free detective courses right now and learn also in the same course:

  • Private Investigation techniques  
  • Basic of International Intelligence  
  • Basic of Counter Terrorism techniques  

Get your free detectives courses right now and become an International Private Detective. 

Free Detective Course

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